GDPR Cookie Bar(数据保护权申明栏)

关于GDPR Cookie Bar(数据保护权申明栏)

通过GDPR Cookie Bar应用程序,您不用一分钟就能在您的店铺页面商设置您的GDPR公告和cookie同意栏。用来保护您的业务并建立对客户的信任。

欧盟GDPR cookie bar应用程序采用预设设计,可完美融入任何设计中。浮动条设计有响应的CSS,以确保它适合任何屏幕大小。你还可以自由地定制颜色,文本,字体和背景,只需点击几下你的应用仪表板。简单易用的安装和设置过程节省了您的时间,让您专注于发展您的业务。



GDPR Cookie Bar应用程序是完全免费的。并且没有隐藏的费用或追加销售。



Protect your business and build trust to your customers.
According to European union law, every organization that is available to EU citizens needs to be compliance with General Data Protection Rights (GDPR). A failure to do so may result penalty equal to 4% of total annual revenue or €20 millions. So if you are selling globally, especially if you get shop visitors from EU countries, this is the high time to declare your GDPR policy.
Don’t panic, it may sound complex but we have everything covered for you. With our app, you can setup your GDPR announcement and cookie consent bar in less than a minute. And the best part of it is, it’s FREE.
Beautiful responsive EU cookie bar to look good on any theme
EU GDPR cookie bar app comes with a preset design, which blends in perfectly in any design. The floating bar is designed with responsive CSS to make sure; it fits any screen size properly. You also have the freedom to customize color, text, font and background with a few clicks from your app dashboard. Easy and simple installation and setup process saves you time and let’s you focus on growing your business.
Geo-targeting for the right visitors
With our app you have the ability to geo-target your GDPR announcement and cookie consent for EU citizens only. That way, you stay compliant to EU law as well as stay minimal to visitors from rest of the world.
Free forever
This app is completely free and it will always be. There is no hidden charge or upsell. Use as long as you want, we wouldn’t charge anything for usage or support.
Free support 24x7
We offer free heroic support to our users. Feel free to contact us for any assistance you need. And if you love this app, feel free to recommend it to others and post your feedback.